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Team Pete Carroll or Team John Schneider?


First things first, I may be taking a break from the blog for a little while. My wife and I are planning to go to Europe for our honeymoon this summer, and I don’t plan on being on the computer very much at all. I hope to update the blog after the draft though, and obviously before the season starts. Please bookmark my blog, and sign up for the newsletter […]

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It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…or Maybe Not


It’s day 5 of NFL free agency, and its been one of the craziest free agency periods I can remember in a while. Maybe its because there are literally millions of 12th men/women now, and people are overreacting to every little transaction and rumor that exists. One thing I gotta get off my chest: Don’t diss (do we still use that word?) any players just because they went somewhere else […]

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The Biggest Things That the NBA Needs to Fix


It’s finally time for basketball fans to admit something, if they haven’t already. The product that the NBA has put out stinks…and we are not liking the smell. The inconvenient truth is, it has been stinking for a while now, and is on a downhill trend to become worse before it gets better. If there is a light at the end of the tunnel, its smaller than John Travolta’s eye […]

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Top 10 Reasons the Seahawks Will Make it Back to the Superb Owl


  It’s probably time to wind down the football talk. This will probably be my last football post until the NFL draft, which happens around April. It’s a little disrespectful to the other major sports, if I talked about combine results and post Superbowl euphoria over the other teams who are actually playing for something. Who knows, maybe this is the year the Mariners make some noise come September? At […]

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What’s Next? We Are Just Getting Warmed Up


  “We are just getting warmed up” -Pete Carroll. Those were the ominous words spoken by championship coach and current/future Seattle legend Pete Carroll at the championship celebration when he addressed the thousands of crazed 12th men and women. He knows what we know, what other NFL teams and every football fan is saying secretly behind closed doors (yes, I read other teams message boards sometimes), the Seattle Seahawks are […]

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The 5 Biggest Trainwrecks in Seahawk History

images (1)

Now that we’ve gone and won the Superbowl, we can all laugh at the terrible things that have happened to us in hindsight. The pain of miseries past seems to have healed over time, and with success brings a certain sense of imperviousness…you want to talk about the Seahawks dismal history? Great, we have a ring more recently than your team, and our team is still better than yours. Sticks […]

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Don’t Call it Moneyball. The Seahawks Blueprint for Success


  The Seahawks win the Superbowl, draft day approaches and everyone wants to know the secret ingredient. Where does coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider find their hidden gems? 21 of the 53 man roster is made up of undrafted free agents, and many lower draft picks. Guys like Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor were drafted in the 5th round. Superbowl MVP Malcolm Smith drafted in the 7th. Is […]

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